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A total expression of an artist journey into freedom

“In this way art becomes about individual freedom, without the restraints of fashions, or artistic movements, academic restrictions or religious dogma.

Therefore art is a road to the realisation of self, a form of defence against depression, anxiety, anger, violence, toxicity.

It is an art which does not know the constraints of intellectual research but delves directly into the unconscious through pure intuition.

Each technique, whether it be oil painting, traditional greek icons, resins, mosaics, or ceramics are studied, learnt, then transferred into a whole new language.

This is not the art of revolution, or ground breaking discoveries for humanity, but it is an art which through its total expression of freedom finds those timeless messages which art has been sending us since the beginning of time.

An art which is comprehensive to all in its relentless display of talent, an art which could bridge the gap between the public and complex conceptions of modern art.”


The Garden Project

About the Artist

Marinella Owens is an Italian-Cretan artist, wife and mother of two children, currently living in Crete. She has practiced many different techniques and is always looking for new ways to express her art 

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About the art

Marinella's art ranges from ancient Greek icons to modern floral paintings, resins and mosaics. She also creates works of art by trying to link all these different techniques into one work of art
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