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The Art and Talent of Marinella

Marinella paints both Greek icons and beautiful oil paintings on canvas of flowers using vibrant colors. Born in Zurich, Switzerland in 1975, her Greek sense of beauty is inspired by a deep sensitivity for the painters of the Italian Renaissance.

Drawing from early childhood, at the age of 15 she bought her first canvases and oils. In 1998 she moved to Chania for two years, in a convent where she studied icons, clearly demonstrating her natural talent for color.

Upon her return to Switzerland she experimented with many styles and techniques, in 2004 she started a series of extraordinary floral oil paintings. Having found her particular language , based on traditional techniques but with a decidedly modern sensibility, images simply flowed out of her with an ease that only highly creative people can experience.

She found the reaction of those lucky enough to see her works strange as, “these paintings relax me”, “they give me a sense of peace and tranquility”, “the personal symbolism reflects a spirituality rarely seen in today’s art”, strange because that’s what she felt while she was painting them.

2007 is the year in which Marinella decides to be ready to become a professional artist. She opened her atelier-gallery in Switzerland and her works are now visible in several online art galleries. In 2008 her paintings could be seen on display in New York, Germany, Austria, Canada, Luxemburg, Italy and Switzerland.

Marinella is to be considered an emerging artist, however, with her knowledge of Renaissance techniques, her talent for colour and the deep and powerful reaction people have towards her paintings, she will not remain unknown to the international artistic public for long. 


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